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A Father’s Inspiration

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St. Louis, Missouri, it’s said, is a nice quiet place to raise a family. For this father, inventor, and businessman, I would concur providing you start with a quiet family. There are a number of good pastimes for the family but once you’ve taken the kids to the Magic House (place hyperlink), Science Center (place hyperlink), or Kokomo Joes (place hyperlink) on so many occasions that on your next visit your kid thinks it’s a good idea to invite the Magic House staff over for their Birthday Party then it’s time for some creative new ideas.


Dad! Let’s go fishin… Yea Dad? … Yea Dad? …. Yea, Yea, Yea, Can We? (did I do that right?)


Hmmm? Lot a good freshwater lakes and rivers nearby, pack up the kids, swing by Walmart and get some gear, grill a few dogs ‘hot dogs’. Sounds like a great plan for a warm fall afternoon and most importantly my wife’s going to get a few hours of R & R.

We arrived, picked out a nice dock at the Busch Wildlife Reserve and …. Okay everyone this is how you cast.

Dad! Daddy!! Can you get this hook out of my sweater?

Dad, she tangled her line with mine.

Dad, I am trying to cast but it is either going in the bushes or it never leaves the reel.




Hi honey… just wanted to know if you were feeling more rested now? Guys, Mom wants to confirm that we are having fish for dinner. Honey, do you remember the Powerball ticket from last week. The odds are better that you won the Powerball than us bringing the fish home.

Sorry, kids that’s the last of the bait. You’d think with all the amazing ingenious conveniences and shortcuts that we have created for ourselves that we might do something to help out the static world of fishing.

Come on Dad, you’re an inventor… get crankin.

As soon as the shower’s reached a sufficient water temperature to cloud up the bathroom my brain starts to clear and there it was this little compact drone that could be controlled right along the surface of the water. Bonzo!

My eldest was born on Mar 1, 2007, the middle one in June of 2008 and the crowd-pleaser came in September of 2011.

Guys, I am happy to announce are latest edition.

The RoboRod!