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A very unique opportunity!
RoboRod is quickly moving into the next stage of production with delivery of the first units scheduled for next spring. We are now inviting you to stake claim to your very own while you check out the specialty items being offered for those who actively supporting our campaign.




Admittedly, it is unlike any other fishing rod

You can cast it, drop it, or drive it anywhere you want to it to go and still maintain the best part of the act which is just between you and the fish..




RoboRod is now engaged in a Crowdfunding Campaign to bring the first production version to the public.

Whether you are a private individual, a group, or an institution we welcome your serious inquires. Visit our blog site and dig deeper into the posts to understand the Company’s vision.

From the inception, we want you to play a role in crafting the future of the technology. We need your feedback and thoughts to help us create both a company and product that you will have been proud to be one of the founding supporters.