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Creativity and experience are operative terms that would describe the team of engineers, designers and business profesionals that have tasked themselves with efficiently bringing the RoboRod technology to market. Meet the RoboRod development team.

Snap Wheeler

An Inventor and Product Development Specialist

In the nineties he cofounded founded the entity Solefound, a company focused on inventing and developing novel footwear products including a “Rap Sneaker” licensed to BBC Footwear of New York and he originally invented and patented illuminated shoelaces that were produced for L.A. Gear and marketed at Kids Footlocker under the name Lazer Lights. In 1996 He founded MicroSense, LLC, a medical device company staffed by scientists and engineers that patented, developed, and brought to clinical trials a fiber optic micro-sensor used to measure tissue glucose levels for diabetics. The device was awarded “Best Invention of the Year” by the St. Louis Business Journal. In 2001 the Company was acquired by Becton Dickinson Diagnostic Division.

In the past year he founded Ejr LLC and has consolidated a group of talented energetic young minds to bring to life the RoboRod. In addition to the pending application for RoboRod, he has been awarded 10 patents by the USPTO and several of them have been issued as (PCT) World Patents. He is a member of the IEEE and serves on the board of a local community organization.

Don Ohearn

Mechanical Engineer

Don has spent the better part of the last 25 years designing manufactured products.  He has been
employed by Emerson and Boeing as an engineer and as a manager over large teams of engineers.
He has an incredible attention to detail.   One could accurately identify Don as a pitbull engineer.  Once
he identifies an issue he won’t let go until he has found the optimal solution.  Don, since starting with
the company has already made major contributions to moving the Company toward  its objectives
and hass supplemented the intellectual property portfolio.  Don will be heavily involved in working with
the production of the RoboRod.

When not spending time with his grandkids and wife Don is sure to be found down at the Lake  of the
Ozarks where he keeps his boats that he his built and loves to fish with them.

Caio Crespo

Industrial Designer

Caio Crespo, in his final semester at the Uversidade Federal de Pernambuco, is a self taught industrial engineer and designer. He is accomplished in working with a range of applications and modeling in different types of solid modeling and animation. While being perfectly at home with 3D Studio Max and After Effects he also is adept and certified in working with Autodesk, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mudbox and the design of Flash applications.

As a multi-faceted individual with skills ranging from basic electronics design to the arts and humanities, he is an accomplished musician with a special love for guitar playing and composition. As an outdoorsman, Caio has hiked the range of the Rio Grande in the South of Brazil and will take anyone on at volleyball. Caio intends to continue his aspiration in the field of computer modeling and design and utilize these skills for product design and animation as he hopes to continue to grow his career with the company. Caio and his wife dwell near the coast of northern Brazil.

Rakesh Shakelli

Digital Media and Marketing Specialist

Rakesh started career as a marketing and strategy executive with TATA communications limited, started with a pilot project helping clients leverage advantage of TATA communication products, been a part of strategy team which launched online calling services around the world, helping millions around the world getting connected. Won “TATA Business Excellence Award of the Year 2007”, Been a part of Risk Management team, a key position in E-commerce to eradicate fraud transactions, my team was involved in a strategy called Mission Blue hunt.

His heart lies with Sales and Marketing, honed skills in technology driven marketing which is known as digital marketing. Designed, tested, and implemented digital marketing strategies with metrics for obtaining new sales leads. Undergraduate degree in Biotechnology and Master degree in International Marketing.